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E&O 2022- After the Pandemic Moving Forward
Thursday, July 21, 2022
Thursday, July 21, 2022

Credit Hours: CE #120211 2-20 - General Lines (Property & Casualty) , 4 hours.

PRICE: $95 members, $145 nonmembers.

Keith Jones
In Part 1 we will explore the recent development of our Agency Websites potentially creating some headaches regarding Agency Errors and Omissions issues. The Agency Website has become a new target for Plaintiff Attorneys. We will discuss in depth. We will briefly review some specific Agency E&O Policy provisions. Then, we will revisit a litany of General Recommendations and Age-Old Procedural Reminders. Our discussion will conclude with examining/revisiting Technology Issues … how we communicate and best practices.

In Part 2 we begin with a look at Current Trends. What to do when an E&O incident occurs or an actual claim is filed, followed by a brief reminder of the pitfalls of trying to be too helpful. We will take a close look at two (2) categories of claims. First, the Urban Legend Variety. Many of these are a little dated … but factual, with some embellishment offered for affect. Second, we will examine real (actual!) claims from Swiss Re's Claim files. Both large National Claims and a laundry list of paid/settled claims in Florida. All right from the 2020 book of business.

This is FAIA's annual E&O course. If the appropriate number of staff attends this class, your agency likely qualifies for a 10 percent discount on the agency E&O premium through Westport.

Hampton Inn and Suites
4415 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32216

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