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CL-Liability Issues to Worry About Webcast

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Thursday, February 07, 2019
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Description: Your insureds, particularly contractors, are signing contracts every day. What are they agreeing to in these contracts? Are there “Hold Harmless” and other types of indemnity agreements in these contracts? If so, what liability exposures are your insureds assuming under these contracts? This course will take you through the different types of indemnity agreements that your insured’s may be signing and what they mean to your insureds and to you, their agent. The course will also cover the major Additional Insured Endorsements that we use and how these endorsements affect your insureds’ coverage - See more at: https://faia.aben.tv/item/liability-issues-worry-indemnity-agreements-additional-insureds-68238#sthash.GYPHhTIG.dpuf

Credit Hours: CE #80291, 2-20 - General Lines (Property & Casualty), 2 hours

Instructor(s): E. Stuart Powell Jr.
Notes: FAIA Webcasts are offered through the ABEN network. Use this link to register.